super, supra

Abbreviations in Latin Inscriptions . 2014.

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  • supr. — 1. superior. 2. supreme. * * * abbrev Supreme * * * supr., supreme. * * * abbr. ■ superior ■ supreme …   Useful english dictionary

  • supr. — 1. superior. 2. supreme. * * * …   Universalium

  • supr. — 1) superior 2) supreme …   From formal English to slang

  • süprək — is. bot. Taxıllar fəsiləsindən birillik ot cinsi …   Azərbaycan dilinin izahlı lüğəti

  • supr — abbreviation 1. superior 2. supreme …   Useful english dictionary

  • supramaxilla — /suprəmækˈsɪlə/ (say soohpruhmak siluh) noun (plural supramaxillae /suprəmækˈsɪli/ (say soohpruhmak silee)) the upper jaw or jawbone. –supramaxillary, adjective …   Australian English dictionary

  • progressive supranuclear palsy — /suprəˈnjukliə/ (say soohpruh nyoohkleeuh) noun a cerebral degenerative disease of late adulthood, typified by nerve problems affecting the muscles of the eyes, tongue, throat, etc., and causing rigidity of the limbs, and dementia. Abbrev.: PSP …   Australian English dictionary

  • supra — /ˈsuprə / (say soohpruh) adverb (especially used in making reference to parts of a text) above. {Latin: above, beyond} …   Australian English dictionary

  • supra protest — /ˌsuprə ˈproʊtɛst/ (say .soohpruh prohtest) adverb upon or after protest (a phrase used with reference to an acceptance or a payment of a bill by a third person for the honour of the drawer after protest for non acceptance or non payment by the… …   Australian English dictionary

  • supra-axillary — /suprə ækˈsɪləri/ (say soohpruh ak siluhree) adjective rising above an axil, as a bud or branch …   Australian English dictionary

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